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Thursday, 22 November 2007


Swinging between approaching this new 'programme' with my characteristic 'make the best of it' cheeriness and having an all out grump fest about having no life. Which is an exaggeration, but what isn't an exaggeration when having an all out grump fest?

Had my massage for my supremely crunchy shoulders this morning. Talked a little at beginning, as usual. I explained a bit about my programme. My occupational therapist, I explained was wanting me to have more routine so that I can stabilise. 'So,' I jested,' She currently thinks me completely unstabilised!' Rachel replied in an understanding voice 'and you probably didn't realise you were.' Spent the next couple of minutes wondering whether I should point out that this was a joke of sorts. And hoping she knew that I meant stabilising my activities, not that am mentally unhinged. Surely she did. Surely. If I were mentally unhinged, she would know about it, I suppose......

'You have a new knot!' She informed me cheerfully.
'Lovely,' I replied. Great. Just what I've always wanted. A new knot for Christmas.

Afterwards stole a quick glance in the nearest available mirror before entering the world, to check how to arrange my hair. There are folded towels around the face hole in the massage table, and whether I have a certain kind of skin I don't know, but I always end up with an imprint. It can be a nice red streak across my forehead. Or an unflattering rectangular shape around my chin and mouth. Worst is one extremely red splotch on one cheek. Today, I had a minor red splotch on both cheeks. Well, I considered, at least I'm symmetrical. All in all, this is the preferable variety, and I simply let my hair bounce around my face while they faded.

Having coffee with Bev this afternoon, which is always very pleasant. We love all the same sorts of things. Except she drinks coffee, and I have Earl Grey tea. How Jean-Luc Picard of me. So when I say I'm going for coffee, I invariably mean that the other person is having coffee. Occasionally I have a decaff.

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