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Tuesday, 1 April 2008


I have been baking. It's Andy's birthday tomorrow. He's knows I am baking so I've not spoiled any surprises. We are both completely hopeless at keeping secrets from each other, anyway. We can't help dropping hints all the time. Impressively for me I have not made much mess at all. Can it be possible I am turning into a tidy cook? I haven't got flour on my nose or anything.

We are going out for a special meal tonight at one of our very favourite places. We only go there on special occasions. Andy has taken Thursday and Friday off (Wednesday is his day off anyway) so he can have a bit of a break and enjoy himself. It is also Andy's parents' Golden Wedding Anniversary this weekend so we are going to a celebration for them too. I hope we have a nice few days. Our main holiday is not until July so the break will be much appreciated.

I'd better go peek through the oven doors.

Tiddly pom pom.


Tricia said...

I hope Andy has a great birthday! And I know what you mean about not being able to keep secrets from one another. I think Mike surprised me with a present exactly one time in our married life (a watch), and that's because he bought it during lunch one day and wrapped it at work with a bit of paper that a co-worker had on hand.

Jenette said...

Sounds very nice! Hope you both enjoy yourselves - happy birthday to Andy!

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