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Saturday, 17 May 2008


I've haven't really got around to making something properly for the current Salt Challenge - so in the end I made this simple photo card. This is another photograph I took in Pembrokeshire last year - sunset over the beach at Freshwater West. The photo of the card isn't quite true to the actual colours but you get the idea.

Although I've not made much, I did find myself thinking about the theme of forgiveness a lot since I first read the challenge. Thinking of ways of how I could express something naturally makes me think about it more in general - so that in itself is constructive.


Hazel said...

Thanks for taking part in our Salt challenge. This is beautiful - what a stunning photograph you've used.

Lythan said...

this is a wonderful and beautifl card

MammyT said...

A lovely card. the ocean really symbolizes the vastness between East and West. Good work.Nancy

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