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Thursday, 8 May 2008

when the clouds pass overhead

Am attempting recovery from a grumpy moment. Who, me? I had to write to someone turning down yet another invitation as I cannot do the travelling and I have to admit it brought me quite low. It increases any feelings of loneliness when you're reminded of what you're missing. All these things I would so love to do - and more accurately, the people I would so love to see.

However, I had an email waiting for me from my dear friend Susan Belinda waiting for me when I miserably turned on the computer, which lifted my spirits. We are miles and miles and miles apart but still we keep in touch. (Everyone wave to Belinda!)

Andy at a lecture this evening with a couple of people from church. Something I too would enjoy going to - not that I was feeling it particularly acutely or anything, but the combination... Anyway, I do not feel as bad as I did earlier.

There are various trains of thought burbling in the background of my mind. No doubt I'll express them all eventually.

when the clouds pass overhead
I momentarily lose sight
when the heat of the sun is shrouded
I momentarily lose strength
when I stand alone, with others beyond my reach
I momentarily feel lost

and I turn to You,
reminding myself to be glad
that there is always You

...but sometimes it is hard...

Energy levels :5/10
Headache: medium

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