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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

the words I don't have

There are many times when I wish to comment on something in the world but really don't feel I have adequate words. A couple of days ago I was staring out of the kitchen window, thinking, what if what I was looking at was not a couple of pretty bushes but a torrent of murky water and destruction all around me? What if I was not here but in Burma? It's so hard to grapple with events on a worldwide scale. This morning I think and pray for China...for all those who have lost loved ones and for those trapped under the rubble. I can't find words to pray so instead I offer up silence. Silence full of the things I don't know how to say. Sometimes we shy away from thinking about these things because we are overwhelmed. I would rather be overwhelmed than forget. I take the lump of overwhelmed-ness and offer it as part of the prayer.

Lord, don't let me forget.

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"The desperate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people."- Richard Foster