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Monday, 9 June 2008

family weekend

We came back yesterday from going away for my dad's birthday - we had a meal all together on Saturday night and Andy and I stayed overnight at my sister Debbie's. It was a very enjoyable time and we spent much time lazing in my parents' garden. Got slightly pink with the sudden sunniness, so have started dolloping on the sun lotion. First time I'd seen my brother Dave since the Christmas before last. Was lovely and relaxed, and everyone was pleasantly chatty. Including me, of course. I am a bit of a natterer when I get going!! I burble on lazily like a brook. Other times I just sat back and mellowed. My nephews (Sam - 2 and Josh - 7) entertained us with their "light sabre" battles...there was an actual toy light sabre involved at points but most times they used bits of foam tubing from my dad's garage stash, and in Sam's case, a roll of wrapping paper.

Various thoughts have been percolating and hopefully at some point I will put them into words before they accidentally dribble out of my head and get forgotten...

Saturday: 5-6/10, high (but that was partly due to car journey)
Sunday: 4-5/10, medium
Today so far: 4-5/10, medium

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