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Monday, 9 June 2008

the other blog

Is it me, or is fiddling about on the computer rather exhausting on a hot summer's evening?! A quick note for now to explain the existence of another blog,appearing on my profile. This was originally called 'All Who Are Thirsty' and appeared on another site. I have now, over a few days, transferred it to the blogger version, although I will still update the old one (if it lets me - it's been a bit temperamental lately) for the benefit of those who read it there and have requested to be notified.

It was, as it says, originally a tool to encourage me in bible study. Since then of course I have immersed myself in my Genesis adventure (using a good old fashioned paper (gasp!) journal, but would like to start adding entries once more - I amended the dates to when the original entries were written, and you can see how sporadic they were! Anyway, I hope you like it and I am happy to receive constructive comments. Hopefully seeing it on my blogger profile will remind me to write more regularly.

For general burble and blather, however, this is still the place to find me! Anyway I am hot and sticky (luvverly) and need to put my scanner away - rather unwieldy. Why does setting up these things take so long?!


Tricia said...

It's not just you - I get exhausted dealing with the computer when it's hot, too!

The other diary site still seems to be giving people some problems. I got the notification of your entry there, but I haven't been able to to get into the site to read it. Hopefully they'll fix the problem soon, because I really do enjoy reading your thoughts on scripture. :-)

Lucy said...

I was surprised it let me post an entry...oh well, at least you know where else you can find it now! x

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