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Thursday, 12 June 2008


Have just finished printing off a couple of photos to make two Father's Day cards. The printer was a little bloopy and then the paper I used wasn't great, so I got a little cross (who, me?!) but I managed it eventually. Feeling a bit groggy today. We both woke up feeling shattered this morning, I don't know why. Perhaps because we had to close the window - the gutter outside (which includes the broken bit which belongs to next door - we're semi-detached) runs over when it rains and makes a real racket. Usually we sleep with the window open so maybe it affected our quality of sleep?!

Anyway, before I move too far away from the theme of cards, I thought I might show you the one I made for Dad's birthday (which always falls near Father's Day!) now that he has seen it. You may recognise the picture from a previous entry!

I also recently made a wedding card - unfortunately we had a special occasions clash and couldn't attend so I tried to make it extra nice. I wanted to use a photo, but needed to make a few alterations. Here is the original picture:

Then cropped in Photoshop, with some use of the red-eye tool and watercolour brush:

And on the finished card:

Today: 5/10, medium high
Yesterday: 5/10, medium
Tuesday: 5/10, ack! I can't remember!

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Tricia said...

Those cards are beautiful - as always. :-)

Oh, and the other site is finally back up, so I made it to your thoughts on Luke. Yay!

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