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Friday, 5 September 2008

just a brief note...

...Wednesday's appointment went very well. After perpetual hissing beforehand about not wanting to go or knowing what to say, it was a real relief. The GP with specialist interest who works with the service is kind, cheerful, and very practical - and very easy to talk to. What they have proposed is that I go into the programme of group sessions - what I should have had last year, but because I was away for the first one I did two individual intensive sessions instead. They feel I need more support from others on the same programme, and that I would particularly gain from the later sessions - on steps to recovery and setting goals, so I don't feel trapped or isolated in doing this any more.

I'd talk more, but rest stop 1 approaches, and tonight I am having a few friends round, not too many, for a mellow evening as a kind of birthday thing. Today is not my birthday, but I wanted to combine it with Rachel's visit. Sarah should be coming but texted to warn me that she woke up feeling awful this morning, so she will let me know later. So I'm gently preparing for this evening - wanting to make things cosy looking and nice, since the weather is awful - rainy and dreary.

Wednesday: 4-5/10, medium high
Thursday: 4/10, medium
Today so far: 5/10, medium

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Tricia said...

Yayyyy! I'm SO glad that the doctor's visit went well. That must be quite a relief!

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