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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

politics and prayer

Ah, so Obama did it. I wasn't particularly surprised, although I experienced a sudden surge of trepidation a moment before I found out, and prayed desperately 'let it be the right person'. I'm afraid I didn't watch the election coverage - which for us GMT-ers meant staying up between midnight and 6am - not something that is wise for me to do these days!

In a disjointed way, this reminds me of something I was challenged with several months back, and need to be reminded of again - the need to pray for our leaders and those in government. Here in the UK there is quite a lot of disillusionment about politics and many are choosing not to engage with it at all. But I think of the immense responsibility and pressure our leaders are under. I could never do that, cope with that, be that. But somehow I neglect, so easily, to simply pray - for wisdom, strength, sensitivity, diplomacy...I think I need to zap up my intercessionary praying overall, in fact. So often I pray for others when I am moved to do so - but what about all those times when I sink into apathy? - so many times. If I'm honest, the majority of them. Here's a thought: compare how often we criticise our leaders, with how often we pray for them. That thought makes me stare at the floor and shuffle my feet...

I think I shall try and write down all these things / people in a notebook and discipline myself to go through it regularly. I have such good intentions, but I am so easily distracted. Such good easily distracted. (Remind me, please!!!)

Do you ever have moments when you realise you are still very near the beginning of journeying to maturity in lots of ways - simple ways and yet you so easily neglect them?

Lord don't let me forget
to pray for others
those with needs,
those with power,
or powerlessness.


angeljoy said...

I think we end up in apathy because the whole political process is so overwhelming. For many of the reasons you stated. Or the attitude that "Why vote, my candidate won't win anyway." For me, politics are confusing and frustrating and I don't feel I'll know or understand enough to make a wise choice, so many times I feel I'm "shootin' in the dark" so to speak. I voted, and now I'm reminding myself that God is sovereign. It's even more important now for me to pray for my leaders. I did not vote for Obama and frankly, he scares me. But ultimately, my life is not under his control or authority. God is my Father and will take care of me.

Tricia said...

RYC: I'm very glad you're not a cucumber. LOL!

I voted for Obama (and wrote why today on my blog). I'm Christian, and I'm certainly not scared by him. I find it frustrating that so many evangelicals over here are scared, though, as if he's about to usher us all into an age of darkness. Then again, I remember that some of my evangelical friends felt the same way when Clinton was first elected, and the country still managed to survive. [*shrugs*] I hope that God gives them some peace in the midst of their fear, just as he gave other Christians here peace after Bush's re-election. If God is indeed sovereign, then perhaps the right person won *both* times. (But I am probably opening up a big theological can of worms with that statement, so I'll just end now. :-))

"The desperate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people."- Richard Foster