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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

melting snow

Well, the snow is gone now from my neck of the woods, but finally here are some photographs for you. I wasn't able to get out and capture glorious vistas as I'm sure many did, but enjoyed some close up camera moments as the sun bore down and the snow slowly melted. This gave more interest as contrasts were highlighted between the snow and other objects / plants.





milk bottles

melting snow

Thank goodness I can compress the files...the A350 photos are huge compared to those of our old digital camera. It would take forever otherwise!!


angeljoy said...

Those are really lovely!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos. I am sure glad the snow is finally melting in our area. We have had about six inches of solid ice on our roads all summer. :)

Sarah said...

Hi Lucy! Stopping in to say 'hallo' and WOW I LOVE these photographs! The sequence and descriptions add so much and I could see them displayed on a wall in a series. Beautiful! I love that emergence of new life in the British Spring. I still can't get used to Easter in NZ - as to me the whole rebirth thing fits so well with the seasons in the UK. But then, there's always new life all year round - I shall just have to find a NZ plant that comes to life around our Easter time!

Thanks for sharing and I LOVE this series of photographs!

Love, Sarah x

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful set of pictures!! I love the close up of melting snow :)

Tricia said...

Beautiful as always, and I especially love the melting snow. Macro shots are always fascinating to me - it's like a whole different world.

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