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Thursday, 5 March 2009

don't ask me to predict the weather

After all my springtime comments, today it is snowing. The ground is too wet for it to settle here, although there is thin layer of slush forming on the patio. The plants, flower beds and lawns are all sprinkled with white. (Other places have been more strongly effected with blizzards.)

Charlie disapproves.

Today:3/10, medium high (v.high last night)


Lisa said...

Sounds like Indiana weather, yo-yo-ing back and forth. :-)

Lucy said...

Yes - now the sun is shining down and there is no snow anywhere...

Tricia said...

Yeah, it's going back and forth for us, too. After the sky dumped six inches of snow on us on Monday, it's going to be quite pleasant this weekend (enough for a trip to the zoo with the new camera - yay!). And then it will get cold again next week. Argh! Bring on spring!

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