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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Easter words - take two

Recently a whole lot of Google searches are arriving at my blog, searching for 'words that describe Easter'. They arrive on my older post 'Easter Words'...which made me re-read it myself. So, because I felt it might be worth sharing again, yes, I'm doing my first ever re-post. Enjoy!

Am taking a moment to try and contemplate the coming remembrance and celebration that is Easter. And I find I struggle. I get so caught up in the every day; it is hard to focus in the way that I would like. I would like to carve out meaningful thoughts and place them here, to help myself think on what is coming.

But of course, it is not something that happens once a year. It is something that happened once for all, for all time, and so every day I live in the reality of the crucifixion, and the resurrection. The significance of that death, that aching pause of the day inbetween, and the vindication that was the rising again.

And when I think of it, I breathe in and feel a tremor through me Рfor how I could live, not how I do live. How do I live the reality of Easter, daily? How do I remember the words without using jargon or clich̩s? There are some fantastic words which talk about what our faith means, but they are in fact such a closed language to those who do not know the meaning of them. How do I talk about it in a fresh, beautiful, heart-touching way? Where can I find a new vocabulary to recapture the meaning of truth?

We tire of cliché and jargon and all the words. We tire of the same ways of saying things. We find some concepts difficult to describe. We want to remember it all in a fresh way. I want to remember it all in a fresh way.

How do I talk about the clogging blackness that sits between God and humanity, and how the white light of what Jesus did blasts it all away? How do I talk about God and us – out of alignment, but put back in alignment with a cross? How do I talk about love which sears through evil and darkness and illuminates a whole new way of living?

Perhaps the breath of God may transform the words; perhaps I simply need to open my mouth and utter one thing, however clumsy, inept, or incoherent.

Perhaps all that matters is that I try.


Lora said...

lovely, lovely, lovely. definitely worth revisiting.

Angela said...

Wow! beautifully written - well deserves to be re-read.
You will be at the BUGB assembly, won't you? hoping so much to meet you in person!!
Easter Blessings xx

Persis Shah said...

it is indeed a lovely post!


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