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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

domestic matters

BACK HOME after two weeks' break, which inevitably means engaging in sudden domesticity - especially interaction with the washing machine.  This of course means that the ironing pile has ballooned - I shall soon be once again waxing lyrical over it, I'm sure.

I also need to sort out the spare room so I can be all creative and inspiring.  Hmm.  I now have an in-tray / letter rack which is very exciting.  Does anyone else find stationery thrilling?  Or am I utterly alone (as well as utterly weird)?

Charlie (the rabbit, for newbies) is back with us - he  is getting quite elderly.  He has glaucoma in one eye which is advancing steadily - it's gone from mildly foggy to almost white.  His other eye is getting frequent infections and his hops are getting hobbly. He can no longer see the ramp in his hutch or have the confidence to navigate it - I board up the hole at night and put him in the upper level; during the day he either goes in his run (if weather is fine) or in the lower level (if weather is not fine).  While on his 'holiday' I repainted the  hutch.  It looked like this originally

and now looks like this, although I don't have a photo of the shabby in between - but trust me, it needed it.

The weather was rather mixed while we were away, but we were shattered so happy to be lazy.  It was nice to slow down my mind.

In the church office this morning sorting out this month's rota (for church services - worship leaders, techno, PA, etc); I'd done all I could quite early on so spent the rest of the time scribbling thoughts on memory for the book and reading the first chapter of Jesus in Disneyland by David Lyon, which I nicked off Andy's shelf.  Last time I read it was for my dissertation.  That feels a long time ago...

I hope you enjoyed the welcome and hospitality quotes I had posted in my absence.  Do you feel all welcomed out?!


Angela said...

Hutch looks really cool in the chic grey paint.
No, you are not alone - I belong to a family of stationery obsessives [rather be in Staples than Selfridges or Sainsburys]
Can I bring my ironing mountain round please?

hoping I can post this comment, last 2 attempts to do so on your blog have caused a PC crash, dunno why!
blessings and love to you and A x

Angela said...

woohoo! success!

Lucy Mills said...

Sorry to hear that, Angela! Was it just this post or the blog in general?!

"The desperate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people."- Richard Foster