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Monday, 9 March 2009

twittering, in various ways

Went to Craft Club at church this morning. A little low on numbers, but nobody seemed to mind. Took my cardmaking stuff (last time I took scrapbooking). Nice to be with others and have lots of delicious S-P-A-C-E. I am perpetually filling up my table in the spare room as it is very multi-purpose! I quite like listening to others chat when I'm feeling tired; very undemanding but still feeling part of things, which is important for me.

The goldfinches have made it to our new nyjer feeder in the garden which is lovely to see. The blue and great tits are frequently up and down the seed feeders and the peanut feeder, twittering away.

Speaking of which, I am now on Twitter, after having no particular desire for twittering (except verbally, which I do quite frequently!), impulsively signed up. Have discovered it may be beneficial with someone with as poor a short term memory as me! Still, I suspect there will be patches I forget all about it! If you want to follow me, you can find me
here. You'll get to 'hear' my burbling about the silliest things, no doubt. It's also in my sidebar...

Made three cards this morning. Inspiration was a bit slow in coming, but never mind. It's nice to be creative with other people.

Various jobs this afternoon...must go have lunch. Always find lunch awkward. I feel empty, but can never think of something I feel like eating. End up spending ages hovering in the kitchen, frowning and muttering....

Today:4/10, medium


Colleen said...

Hi Lucy!
Thanks for commenting on my feedcount post. Regardless of what the number is... having such a drastic drop is depressing. Mine did go up a little today. From 30 to 39. Hopefully it's a glitch that is slowly working it's way out.

Your blog is beautiful! Very inspiring.

Sarah- White House, TN said...

Lucy, Im trying to find you on Facebook. Did you know there are a lot of lucy mills in the world? lol My facebook is on my blog, add me as your friend.. Have been facebooking these days more than blogging. Hope you are well. Saw you on twitter. Have a good day! -sarah

Tricia said...

You're the first friend of mine who's started Twitter (Twittering?). Hope it helps you out! :-)

Sheryl said...

Two things I can really relate to in this post. Listening to others when feeling tired - still feeling part of things.

AND the fact that lunch is awkward. I know I need to eat but it's the longest, drawn out process while I dismiss all of my choices. What is up with that?! ha

Hope you are doing well.

"The desperate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people."- Richard Foster